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It all began with my “Granny“ Mildred D.Jackson, who liked to be called Millie! Before she passed away in April-1989, She use to call everyone she met and knew “Babycakes “. She was well loved in our neighborhood, and everyone adored her!

Flores means “Flower” in Spanish. So I decided to put the two names together and established BABYCAKES FLORES. Babycakes Flores Flower Shop is a business that will be dedicated to spreading kindness with a smile. Which will also include providing great customer service, and fresh healthy blooms. My products and services are designed to satisfy each customer. I am committed to customer satisfaction as my top priority. If you want to learn more about how I do business, flutter by or give me a call today.

I am a retail Floral Designer that offers fresh cut flowers and related products and services to everyone in my community

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